Ramonnelli Christmas 2.0

Client: Personal Project
Date: 24.12.2021


This is the Christmas and New Year’s edition of turning another one of Ramona Wultschner‘s illustrations into 3D animated characters.


Marvin Podsendek and I set ourselves the challenge of recreating the adorable characters Ramona Wultschner paints in 3D as well as possible. We started on a whim by creating Frog and Dog, a few months later, right in time for Easter we made Pig and Poodle and the third installment of the same exercise was Bat and Penguin.

For the year 2021, we chose to recreate this adorable hill and give it some life just in time for Christmas. Not only did we recreate the scene in 3D in just two days, but we also rendered a complete scene in Unity 3D, and in the next two days I made a cute little Instagram filter in SparkAR, which is currently in review to be released for Christmas 2022.