Hand-drawn 3D

Client: Private Project
Date: 29.03.2020


Based on Ramona Wultschner‘s illustrations, Marvin Podsendek and I created this 3D scene. Friendship comes in many colors.


During Covid 19 Lockdown my husband Marvin Podsendek and I decided to do some small personal projects. This was one of them.

Based on illustrations our lovely friend Ramona Wultschner we created 3D animals using 3dsMax and Substance Painter.

Our goal was to deepen our knowledge in these softwares as well as to create fun little animated illustrations.


The 3D Assets were composited by us in Unity 3D and rendered in real-time. This lends itself very well to the cartoon look and allowed us for an easy setup and a few experiments with lighting as well as camera position.