Easter-themed animation


For Easter 2020 Marvin Podsendek and I decided to do something special. For the second time in a row we took the amazing illustrations of Ramona Wutschner and transported them into the 3D world.


Our self posed brief was that each of us has to recreate one character in 3D.
I chose the piglet and decided to make him completely poseable, rather than just modelling the same pose that can be seen in the illustration.

The goal was to go through the whole character creation pipeline. Starting from 3D-modelling in 3ds Max, then texturing un Substance 3D, going back to 3ds Max for skinning, rigging and animation. Final render was done in realtime using Unity’s HDRP pipeline.


My personal goal with both Frog and Dog, as well as Pig and Poodle was to expand on my surfacing knowledge by adding a new tool to my repertiore – Substance 3D.

Recreating a 2D hand-drawn aesthetic in 3D proved to be a very fun, though challenging experience. Certain technical aspects were trickier than expected due to the rendering method we chose. Some rigging techniques i was used to using in 3ds Max unfortunately were not translatable to Unity, but with a little ingenuity and clever workarounds I was still able to achieve the result I was looking for.

Work in progress screenshot of the skinning process of the character