Animated Trading Cards

Client: Calystral GmbH
Date: 2021


Calystral was looking for an animator and 3D Generalist for the trading card game Synergy of Serra.


Several animations needed to be done in a relatively short timeframe. I had the pleasure to use a lot of particle effects as well as breathe some additional life into the illustrations I was provided with by several extremely talented artists.

Some artworks needed to also be prepared for animation in Photoshop, since not all were already set up as animation-ready. It was necessary to separate some of the artworks in animatable layers, which meant i needed to paint in missing parts of the artworks.


I made a 3D model of one of the characters on the cards – the Carrier Drone. It is completely articulated: Rigged, Skinned, Textured. I had to sketch and design the parts that aren’t visible in the card itself.

I also worked extensively with Trapcode Particular for the different card animations as well as using my own stock of self-shot VFX plates.