Concept for an augmented Reality Game

Client: prefrontal cortex GmbH


I created this character as part of a concept for an augmented reality game using devices such as the Hololens and Magic Leap.


In the span of two few days i created a small whimsical concept for an augmented reality game with the Magic Leap as the targeted platform in mind.

The game revolves around a little blind mole who is always hungry but not much of a hunter on his own. Help Myles the mole find yummy earthworms inside of your home by building him a path while he stumbles around.


Since this was only a concept created for my employers at prefrontal cortex, the result is a collection of concept artworks showing how such a game might look like in AR. Each time you help Myles, he will thank you and build his tunnel system a bit further. Customize him and his home with different AR objects spread across your home that you can lead him to and watch him expand his subterranean mole-empire with every step he makes!

I also created a short Animation in VR using Oculus Quill with the goal of embedding this Quillustration into an AR Prototype.