Mixed reality trailer

Client: prefrontal cortex GmbH
Date: 21.07.2019


Creating VR content always brings up the question “How do you show it to a wider audience?” The answer is simple: Mixed Reality!


prefrontal cortex creates a lot of VR and AR projects and the question that always arises at the end of a project is: how do you document these kinds of projects and do them justice.

One of the first big projects we did on our quest for the perfect VR representation was this trailer for a musical experience called “Into Music”.


Shooting a Mixed Reality trailer meant that we needed to do some adjustments to our application. The technical part was the first part of the process and warranted some heavy testing. In close cooperation with my colleagues at prefrontal cortex I created a storyboard for the trailer, in order to have a plan for shooting day.

For the trailer we set up our greenscreen studio and dove into two full days of shooting. We shot the video using the Sony α7III. and combined it with the 4K output of our Unity app, consisting of four quadrants: Foreground, Foreground Alpha, Full Scene as well as the HMD’s view.

I used a Adobe Premiere to create the cut for the final trailer and then composited the digital footage from the app with the keyed video footage seperately for each shot, using Adobe After Effects. Then I brought it all back together in Adobe Premiere.

My colleague Christian Freitag then touched up the sound.