Modular product portfolio

Client: Lafarge Holcim
Date: 01.06.2020


An urban scenery turns into an interactive catalogue of construction materials


The fictional metropolis “Smart City” combines high-rise buildings, housing estates, road networks and industrial construction projects on a virtual map. Thus it provides a detailed overview of the wide-ranging repertoire of the construction materials giant LafargeHolcim. As one of the largest manufacturers of building materials in the world, the Swiss company has a rich portfolio of products, services and business solutions, presented for the first time in an interactive application.


In collaboration with the various departments of the multinational corporation, we were able to collect all information about LafargeHolcim’s business areas and formatted it in order to present it in a clear and illustrative manner. Text and image content is underlined by fitting 3D models, which needed to be not only of high visual quality but also factually correct. Each business area within the application has its corresponding individual building or building complex in order to ensure this level of accuracy.

The Smart City is modular in its design and can therefore be individualized for many purposes, e.g. for the presentation of country-specific information and business areas, or for the different presentation requirements at trade fairs as well as its usage during consulting and sales meetings. Although the application was primarily developed for desktop PCs with touch monitors, the positive feedback from early users has already ensured that further versions for web and mobile devices are in the making.