Full-body VR Experience

Client: Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle
Date: 27.10.2019


A study in immersion. Using your full body discover an otherwise intangible part of Bulgaria’s cultural heritage.


My goal for this personal project was to create a VR Experience which transports the user into a Bulgarian tradition and lets him take part in it.

Information about the rituals are trickled into the experience in order to create awareness for an otherwise intangible cultural heritage, that is strictly seasonal and only takes place once a year in a remote location.


The outcome of a semester‘s worth of work is the full-body mini-game KUKER. As the player, you can make sure that your village is safe. You dance and with each movement the bells you have strapped to your body send away the evil spirits with each sound they make.

The look of the game is fun and simple in order to make sure that the Performance in VR is consistent. I was going for a hand-drawn aesthetic, which is why I chose to create a big part of the assets using Oculus Quill as my primary DCC.