Client: personal work


As an early adopter I enjoy creating not only for, but also in VR.


My two favourite things to do are 2D animation and working in 3D space.
I used to think that there is not really a way to combine those two things in a seamless way until I had the Pleasure of trying out Oculus Quill and experiencing the VR-Short “Dear Angelica” for which the software was developed.

I was so inspired by the possibilities that VR-drawing apps like Tilt Brush, AnimVR and Oculus Quill opened up that it did not take long for me to invest in an Oculus Rift CV1.

I took my first steps in VR-animation using the early beta version of Anim VR and later switched to Oculus Quill, as soon as animation capabilities were introduced there too.

This is a collection of my Quillustrations over the time. Both animated as well as simply static 3D-Drawings.

Bat and Penguin

Christmas Special

Client: Personal Project
Date: 24.12.2020


This is the christmas edition of turning one of Ramona Wultschner‘s illustrations into 3D animated characters.


Marvin Podsendek and I set ourselves the challenge of recreating the adorable characters Ramona Wultschner paints in 3D as well as possible. We started on a whim by creating Frog and Dog, a few months later, right in time for Easter we made Pig and Poodle and the third installment of the same exercize was this adorable duo of santa’s helpers.

I chose to challenge myself with a flying character, since rigging wings was an interesting venture to go into. Another topic i wanted to explore was creating the furry texture of the bat’s body.

Just as the last two animations the environment assets were created by Marvin, we both worked on the composition and lighting in Unity. Audio for this christmas special was done by me. The moon in the back is a Pancake i made as a Christmas breakfast and we thought it would be a cute, not pun intended, easter egg.