Client: personal work


As an early adopter I enjoy creating not only for, but also in VR.


My two favourite things to do are 2D animation and working in 3D space.
I used to think that there is not really a way to combine those two things in a seamless way until I had the Pleasure of trying out Oculus Quill and experiencing the VR-Short “Dear Angelica” for which the software was developed.

I was so inspired by the possibilities that VR-drawing apps like Tilt Brush, AnimVR and Oculus Quill opened up that it did not take long for me to invest in an Oculus Rift CV1.

I took my first steps in VR-animation using the early beta version of Anim VR and later switched to Oculus Quill, as soon as animation capabilities were introduced there too.

This is a collection of my Quillustrations over the time. Both animated as well as simply static 3D-Drawings.